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Bremerhaven: Good for you and your family

Where to start? Clean air. The ocean on your doorstep. Affordable flats, houses and land. In short: we're a good place to drop anchor, even in the long term.

Your advantages

Three members of staff.


First things first: we are uncomplicated here. A quick "Moin" is all you need to say hello in Bremerhaven. And a word is still a word here. New-fangled is someplace else. However, we also have salmon rolls!


Location, location, location

A quick trip to the beach in the evening? The bicycle will do. A quick ferry ride to Helgoland? Right from the front door. To Spiekeroog for the weekend? That's quick. Going on holiday by plane? No problem, Bremen airport is less than an hour away.

Three people rowing.

Outdoor and sports

Surfing, mudflat hiking, boßeln, rowing, equestrian sports - we have something for everyone. And your future colleagues know that, too. It won't be long before someone links arms with you and takes you along. We like to be active!


Good and affordable living

Whether renting or buying: Living here is still affordable. At the same time, you get a lot for your money: the North Sea on your doorstep, great restaurants, good shopping, clean air, good transport connections by train, plane and motorway. Just between you and me: Bremerhaven is an insider tip.


Museums and culture

Bremerhaven offers worlds of experience such as the Klimahaus, the German Emigration House and the Maritime Museum. The Zoo am Meer with the North Sea Aquarium allows close encounters with polar bears, seals and penguins. Art lovers can visit the municipal theatre, the art museum and the Kunsthalle. There is something for everyone to discover.

Bremerhaven from above

Maritime flair

Bremerhaven offers historical flair in the fishing harbour and exquisite restaurants. On the side trawler "Gera" you can experience the work of the former fishermen, while in the fish cooking studio you can gain an insight into the art of cooking. At Europe's longest river quay you can watch the giant ocean liners during the fascinating loading and unloading. The Columbus Quay is the port of call for modern cruise ships that take guests to faraway destinations.

In Bremerhaven I have the opportunity to cycle to work and I appreciate the cheap housing.

Artenisa Z., Assistant physician

Advantages and prejudices Bremerhaven

Anyone who has ever been to Bremerhaven, perhaps on holiday, knows how beautiful it is here. But sometimes you misjudge what you haven't seen yourself. That's why we would like to clear up some of the prejudices about Bremerhaven



Bremerhaven is a village after all.

With more than 110,000 inhabitants, we are a big city - by the way, the only one on the German North Sea coast. With everything that goes with it: shopping mall, museums, theatre, art gallery, university – you can find all of it in Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven is economically weak.

A prejudice dating back to the time of the decline of the large German shipyards – that is long behind us. Today, Bremerhaven is a modern and important commercial location. For example, at its centre is the large international port where more new vehicles are handled than in almost any other European port. This is followed by numerous logistics operations. Bremerhaven is also Germany's largest fish-processing location. Good for the future: we are a major cluster for offshore and wind energy technology.

Bremerhaven is not a place for academics after all.

There are a number of attractive employers in our city, especially for university graduates. These include the Alfred Wegener Institute/Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Oceanography research and the various facilities of the Frauenhofer Institute. In addition, the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences with its approximately 3,000 students is an important location for teaching and research in northern Germany. Business and education are also closely intertwined in Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven? You can't get away from here.

Our transport connections are first-class: It takes about 35 minutes by train to Bremen City. If you prefer to take the car, you can reach our state capital in about 20-30 minutes. There is an ICE railroad connection as well as an international airport. And at the weekend, you can quickly reach the East Frisian Islands or Helgoland by ferry.

There's only fish. They don't know culture.

Far from it! Our range of museums and experiences is unparalleled in northern Germany. The numerous tourists from Germany and abroad who visit us year after year know this as well. For example, in the German Emigration House, you can find out what life was like at the turn of the century in Europe's largest emigrant port. Or discover what the climate change is doing to us at the Klimahaus. Or see real polar bears and penguins at the Zoo am Meer. Art lovers will also get their money's worth here - from historical masterpieces to modern installations, there is plenty to discover. In the heart of the city, you will also find the Bremerhaven Stadttheatre, the Art Museum and the Kunsthalle with their treasures.

Bremerhaven: Experience the ocean.

And who will help me move?

Unfortunately, you'll have to pack the boxes on your own. But our colleagues from the applicant management will be happy to give you a few tips for your move to Bremerhaven.

Alexandra Bischoff and Birthe Föllscher

Alexandra Bischoff

Personnel and Legal Department

Applicant Management

Phone: 0471 299-3685

Birthe Föllscher

Personnel and Legal Department

Applicant Management 

Phone: 0471 299-3673