We give your apprenticeship a solid foundation in our 15 clinics and two institutes.

You are studying human medicine and are looking for the right teaching hospital for your practical year? Then you've come to the right place.

We are truely big

We are a so-called maximum care hospital. With 15 clinics and two institutes, we offer you a very wide range of options for your elective subject in the third part of the practical year. With many certified centres, we also offer an extraordinarily high level of competence in numerous specialist areas.

We offer perspectives

We already have approximately 2,500 employees, and the trend is rising. We also have a very wide range of further training authorisations. In other words, if you get used to us, the north and the ocean during your year in Bremerhaven, like many practical year interns before you, many doors are open to you for further employment after your licence to practise and a corresponding specialist training with us.

Work where others go on holiday!

Surfing, mudflat hiking, boßeln, equestrian sports, tea drinking - there's something for everyone here. A quick trip to the East Frisian Islands or Heligoland for the weekend? That's possible here. Going into town for a cocktail in the evening? That's fine, even with a view of the ocean.

With us, you can also drop your anchor as a family later on

Where do we start? Clean air for the health of your family. Regulated working hours and many part-time models for your work-life balance. Enough day care places in the city. Affordable flats, houses and land. The ocean on your doorstep. In short: Here you can drop anchor quite easily, even after your apprenticeship and as a family.