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We’ll make it fit

Our patients need us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are committed to this with great dedication. But we also know that only those who have enough time for themselves and their families are able to perform well. With many measures, we want to create flexibility at work to make it easier to reconcile work and family life.

Not every job is suitable for part-time work - but more often than you might think. Before we advertise a job, we check whether it is suitable for part-time work. Consistently and every time. In nursing and in the medical service there is a whole range of possibilities to work part-time.

You can't perform surgery from home – but you can do a lot of other things. That is why, together with our works council, we have created the company agreement on mobile working. If the job permits it, every employee has the option to work from home up to 80 percent of the working time - always in agreement with the responsible manager.

Working with patients is required day and night. This also brings with it the possibility for flexible working time models. In some teams we have grouped together colleagues with special wishes with regard to working hours, for example in our EFA team in nursing. Well planned, individual wishes can thus be implemented well in the duty scheduling.

You don't necessarily have to come to the clinic for a meeting with us. Many meetings are conducted via the Microsoft Teams collaboration software. This means that you can participate from anywhere.

The Municipality of Bremerhaven offers holiday care for children on a regular basis. As a municipal company, our employees also benefit from this offer. 

We have had the fact that we do a lot for the compatibility of work and private life checked and confirmed by an independent body. We have been certified according to the Work and Family Audit for several years now.

Career and child not possible? The hospital has made it happen.

I have been working as a purchasing manager at Bremerhaven Hospital for 9 years and became a mother to a little boy in 2018. After returning from parental leave, I continued work in my old management position, but as part of a half-time job. I am very happy that KBR makes it possible for me to combine my family and my responsible job. This works above all because I have a great team that I can rely on and that allows me to delegate partial tasks so that I can concentrate on management tasks and handling large-volume tenders. It is also very important to have the trust and support of the supervisor! And with a little flexibility, it is possible to fit in all the necessary meetings and appointments.

Susanne V., Purchasing Manager

Family friendliness – certified

The "audit berufundfamilie"(work and family) certificate is awarded by the gGmbH of the same name. The berufundfamilie gGmbH supports companies in the implementation of a sustainable family-conscious personnel policy. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has developed into a nationwide authority on all issues relating to the compatibility of work and family.

Throughout the years, the "audit berufundfamilie" certificate has become a recognised seal of quality for a family-conscious personnel policy. The Bremerhaven Reinkenheide Clinic is facing up to the test of the corresponding quality features with certification and the resulting implementation of further measures over the next three years.

The audit itself is recommended by numerous leading associations of the German economy and is also under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Family Affairs and the Federal Minister of Economics. The audited companies are given the opportunity to discover the potential of a family-friendly personnel policy and to implement specific - i.e. internal company – measures.

Further information (only in German)

At the Klinikum Bremerhaven-Reinkenheide, I was able to complete my apprenticeship as well as attend various further training courses. Consideration was given and so I was able to combine work and family life smoothly.

Martina N.-T., Nurse

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