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We do it differently.

We know: Good colleagues in the health sector are highly sought after. To ensure that the best come to us and stay as long as possible, we do things differently and offer a little more than other employers in many respects. And chilling by the ocean or surfing after work? You can do that with us, as well.


Your advantages

Our size is your advantage.

With approx. 2,500 employees, 15 clinics, two institutes and a medical care centre, we are the largest hospital in the Lower Weser region, a so-called maximum care provider. As a result, you benefit from numerous development opportunities, security and professional expertise that only a hospital of our size can offer you.

Remuneration according to the Collective Agreement - No ifs and buts

Physicians are remunerated according to the Collective Agreement for physicians at municipal hospitals in the area of the Federation of Municipal Employers' Associations (TV-Ärzte/ VKA). All other colleagues are paid in accordance with the TVöD for the service sector of hospitals in the area of the Federation of Municipal Employers' Associations (TVöD-K).

We make it possible.

Do you have special ideas and expectations for your new job with us? Then let's talk about them. Are you looking for flat hierarchies and a friendly, cooperative environment? We can do that. With us, a short but warm "Moin" is enough to greet you, even in management. Do you want to develop further without changing your employer? We are happy to support you with further training and career changes according to your ideas. If you want to.

You are different? That's great. So are we.

Others want to be colourful and tolerant. We have been for a long time. Maybe it's because of our tradition as a port city. For us, it doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe in or who you love. What counts for us is what you can do.

Working where others go on holiday.

Surfing, mudflat hiking, boßeln (a throwing game), horse riding, drinking tea with "Kluntjes und Wölkchen" – there's something for everyone here. Fancy a quick weekend trip to the East Frisian Islands or Helgoland? That's possible with us. Going into town for a cocktail in the evening? That works as well, even with a view of the ocean.

Good for you and your family.

Where to start? Clean air for the health of your family. Regulated working hours and many part-time models for your work-life-balance. We cook every day for all our colleagues. Affordable apartments, houses and land. The sea on your doorstep. In short: With us, you can also drop anchor as a family. Your partner is also looking for something new? Then take a look at our job offers. Many couples and families work for us.

Choose your sector:

Group of nurses


Come to the maximum care provider and largest hospital in the Lower Weser region.


Portrait of a nurse in the hallway


Many talk about the need for change in care - we are tackling it.


Midwife in a room for babies.

Operating theatre, delivery room, diagnostics and more

Over 2,000 children are born in our hospital every year. During the same period, we treat around 28,000 inpatients and day-care patients.


A female member of staff leaning on boxes.

Administration and other professions

Every day, a professional team ensures smooth processes in our hospital.


Apply now

We are looking for you - all our vacancies at a glance.

Living and working where others go on holiday.

We have the ocean right on your doorstep, as well as affordable flats, houses and plots of land. In short, we're a great place to drop anchor for the long term.

Any questions?

We are happy to help you.


Alexandra Bischoff and Birthe Föllscher

Alexandra Bischoff

Personnel and Legal Department

Applicant Management

Phone: 0471 299-3685

Birthe Föllscher

Personnel and Legal Department

Applicant Management 

Phone: 0471 299-3673