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Your next ward: #teamkbr

With approximately 2,500 colleagues, 813 beds, 15 clinics, 2 institutes and a medical care centre, we are the largest hospital in the Lower Weser region. As a maximum-care municipal hospital, we ensure health care for Bremerhaven and the surrounding area. Every year we treat about 25,000 inpatients and about 3,000 day patients. During the same period, we also treat about 20,000 outpatients. Our Central Emergency Department provides medical care for about 37,000 emergencies every year.

In the delivery room

More than 2,000 children are born in our hospital every year. In 2003, under the scientific supervision of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, we established the first midwife delivery room in all of Germany, with the possibility that healthy pregnant women can receive obstetric care exclusively from midwives. By the way, our commitment to the midwifery profession has a long tradition: for 30 years we have trained young people for this great profession in our midwifery school. Since 2020, we have been coordinating the practical assignments of midwifery students at Bremen University of Applied Sciences for the entire state of Bremen. 

A female member of staff with a clipboard opening the door for a man.

The size of our hospital has many advantages: From a professional point of view, I find the many different fields of treatment exciting. There are also many interesting offers for employees: bicycle leasing, discounted membership at Hansefit and much more.

Daniela W., Senior Medical Secretary, Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Diagnostics, surgery and more

As a large maximum-care hospital, it needs professionals in many places to support coordination, analytics, operating theatre procedures and more.


  • Medical Technical Assistant (MTA)
  • Medical-Technical Radiology Assistants (MTR-A)
  • Medical Assistant (MFA)
  • Surgical Theatre Assistant (STA)
  • Anaesthesiology Assistant (ATA)

you will find a challenging working environment, extensive opportunities for strategy and further development and, at the same time, working hours with corresponding remuneration in accordance with the tariff.

A female nurse

Teamwork is the order of the day in our operating theatre. Especially when everything is at stake sometimes and minutes are crucial. As a team player, I like this environment. At KBR, I appreciate the flexible and family-friendly working hours.


Iwona K., Nurse, Central Operating Theatre

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