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At #teamkbr we rethink care

With approximately 2,500 colleagues, 813 beds, 15 clinics, 2 institutes and a medical care centre, we are the largest hospital in the Lower Weser region. As a maximum-care municipal hospital, we ensure health care for Bremerhaven and the surrounding area. Every year we treat about 25,000 inpatients and about 3,000 day patients. During the same period, we also treat about 20,000 outpatients. Our Central Emergency Department provides medical care for about 37,000 emergencies every year.


Many talk about the need for change in nursing - we are tackling it ourselves. Keyword staff shortage: Our patient assistants support registered specialists on many wards with basic nursing work. We have developed our own qualification programme for this purpose. Ward assistants provide additional support with meals and minor patient tasks. In addition, new and well-qualified foreign nursing professionals join us every year. Several so-called support teams provide help in case of short-term absences. With two apprenticeship courses per year in our own nursing academy, we provide for young blood from our own ranks.

Nursing needs greater appreciation, which we have taken into our own hands. Academically trained nurses are therefore increasingly complementing our teams, bringing in the latest scientific findings and ensuring work on an equal footing with medicine. In addition, we are a participant in the Magnet 4 Europe study - an initiative we are using to reshape the deployment and working conditions for nursing staff in a professional, respectful and forward-looking manner, following the American model. As a founding member of the “Benchmark-Initiative Nursing in Germany”, we compare our nursing quality with other hospitals nationwide and develop new measures for ever better care together with our staff.




Those who have found their "favourite team" on one of our more-than-30-beds- wards and would like to stay there, they are cordially invited to do so. However, if you are looking for a change after a few years, we will be happy to support you. With one of our in-house training and advanced education programmes, a move to another area of our 15 clinics, or even to greater freedom, for example to raise children or study alongside your job.

We know: job requirements can change over the course of a lifetime. And we want you to stay with us.

Female nurse standing next to an incubator

My work at KBR is varied and very interesting. I am also a practice supervisor, and I really enjoy working with trainees. And the neonatology team is great - like a second family to me!

Julia D., Nurse, Clinic for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine / Neonatology
Portrait of female nurse in a hallway

We have great professional development opportunities at KBR. As a trainee, I am supported in my studies. At the same time, I get to know many wards and departments and manage my own projects. But the most important thing is that I feel good here.

Joline G. T., nursing trainee programme, nursing management
Portrait female nurse

Helping other people is my vocation. I think the training and development opportunities are great here at the hospital. That's another reason for the offer of real opportunities for promotion and development.

Nicole W., Patient Assistant, Ward 7B / Clinic for Trauma and Hand Surgery and Orthopaedics
A male nurse standing in a hallway.

I had already started training at another company, but then I changed to KBR. In retrospect, it was the best decision I could have made. The atmosphere here is very familiar and friendly, despite the size of the house.

Maximilien L., nursing trainee

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