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Come on board and join us!

We offer a large variety of job opportunities for international professionals working in the health sector and those who aim to work in this area. Are you a nurse or a medical doctor? Alternatively, are you looking for an opportunity to do a vocational training course to become nurse in Germany? Perfect; get in touch with us.

Here are a few guidelines that might help you to get a first impression of what you need to bring along – and how we can help you:

  • nurses with professional experience
  • school graduates who are interested in starting a three-year vocational training course with us to become a professional nurse
  • medical doctors with professional experience


depending on your country of origin, different regulations may apply. Please check with our team to clarify on your individual situation.

depending on your country of origin, different requirements will apply with regard to obtaining official recognition of your exams and certificates in Germany. In most cases, a period of additional training will be required. Please check with our team to clarify your individual situation.

depending on the recognition of your previous professional training, different requirements for your German language skills will apply. In general, level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages will be required at a minimum.

when you come to Bremerhaven to work with us, we can support you with furnished housing for limited period. The other good news: housing prices in Bremerhaven are moderate while the quality of life is certainly outstanding.

in any case, you should have some basic German language skills (level B2) before joining us. Once you are here with us, you may join one of our courses to improve your skills gradually.

we, as an employer, work in partnership with corresponding unions. As a result, we guarantee that all our salaries are more than competitive and tariff-based. At the same time, our working hours are regulated.

is mandatory in Germany. As soon as you start working in any kind of employment with us, monthly social security contributions will be deducted from your gross income. In return, you will become eligible for comprehensive health insurance and many other benefits.

we are located at a big port – maybe that is why working with internationals is normal to us. We already have a large number of international teammates – which makes us stronger. We believe in diversity. However, you will never be left alone when doing your first steps @ KBR. A personal mentor can give you all the support and guidance you need, if desired.

the demand for professionals working in the healthcare sector is huge in Germany. We are a large clinic with 15 faculties, 2 institutes and approx. 2,500 employees. This means that you will have a choice of a large variety of job opportunities – also in the long-term.

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KBR is an excellent address for foreign healthcare professionals. The training opportunities with us are extremely diverse, the workplace equipment is modern, and the colleagues are very competent and exceptionally helpful.

Ievgen T., Resident in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine ITS
Leah Kris Tan

Finally moving abroad was certainly a major step in my life. But the team took very good care of me since I arrived, I never felt lost or uncomfortable.

Leah Kris T., Nurse
Andrea Alsguth

Andrea Alsguth

First Line Contact – International Professionals

Telephone: +49-(0)471-299 2643